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These positive news stories cover a wide range of acts of kindness to others that people have taken.

Sarah smiles while crossing her arms in front of her chest making the International Women's Day sign for Breaking the Bias.

Breaking the Bias

I am so thrilled to be taking part in Women’s Voices 2022 for International Women’s Day organised by Media Trust today. I’ll be using my professional knowledge to help a charity improve their comms. Sharing your expertise is something I’m passionate about and it’s a wonderful way to be kind too. This year’s IWD theme […]

Marie smiles at the camera. She has shoulder length brown hair and is wearing a red top with black spots on it.

Boosting confidence by mentoring

“With the small amount of spare time I have, I mentor people who need a self-esteem boost. It makes me feel good when I see others have the confidence to shine in their own working lives.” This is such a kind thing for Marie Preece of Two Green Magpies to do. So many of us

a slightly faded and muted photo of Sarah as a baby sat beside her gran, they are reading a book.

World Book Day 2022

Who’s your favourite kind character in a book? It’s World Book Day today. For as long as I can remember, books and stories have been part of my life. There is a fabulous photo in the family album of me as a very young child, sitting on my gran’s lap as she read to me.

Alexis sits at her desk with 2 small dogs on her lap.

The kindness of bookkeepers

Alexis spoke to a bookkeeper recently to plead for help with managing her books – “she was more than happy to help but told me I didn’t need her, or the software I was struggling to use. Instead she explained a little about how accountants, bookkeepers and tax works for small business and told me

A large bar of Cadbury's dairy milk with a note on it reading "you are doing a brilliant job" and a doodle of a smiley face.

Wellbeing Warriors

“This is kindness in action in my school! I’ve had a tough week as both senior leaders were out with Covid so I’ve been in charge and having to keep things running and staff happy!! This was from a teacher to me! The school has wellbeing warriors who do good deeds 😀” I love the

A gold cup on a green stand beneath text reading "The Sara Awards."

The Sara Awards

Have you head about the Sara Awards? Every day at about 5:30 on the Sara Cox show on Radio 2, Sara reads out a story of kindness that someone has sent in and the person who did the kind thing gets today’s Sara Award – recognition on the radio. They are strangers who have stopped

landscape beside the Thames in London. People walking and sitting around, some taking photos. A boat on the river and across the river notable London buildings can be seen.

Kindness of Londoners

Miriam is always amazed by tiny kindnesses of people around her living in London. Cars stopping when they see me running to let me cross to the road (they don’t know how slow I am). Everyone checking that the crying kid in the playground is ok. The grocery delivery driver telling me not to accept

A pile of books including two of Trudi Canavan's Black Magician Trilogy, The Body Keeps The Score, Relentless by Dean Koontz, and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

International Book Giving Day

Book recommendations are a simple kindness and something Ed from the #BeHumankind community appreciates. He said ‘talking to a friend who recommended a great book he’s reading – I’m excited to get hold of it!’ Share a book recommendation in the comments!

A photo of an old tree with a large branch held up by a large stone hand sculpture for kindness

Connect globally through kindness

One of the reasons I set up Time for Kindness was to inspire people. I want to inspire those of us that believe in kindness already. And I want to inspire people who would like to believe in it but are unsure or embarrassed. Because sometimes being kind is portrayed as weak. Or carrying out

A photo of Swati's parents wearing sunglasses at the beach with the ocean behind them

What if … communities embrace all migrants with kindness

In this latest guest blog I bring you a beautiful story of kindness, learning and welcoming. A huge thank you to communicator, Swati Joshi, for sharing her family’s uplifting story of migration as a positive experience. As a 1st generation Indian American, I was excited to watch @KamalaHarris sworn in as VP of the US.