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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » UK business volunteers at Naomi and Jacksplace for Small Charity Week.

UK business volunteers at Naomi and Jacksplace for Small Charity Week.

Tris, a man with short dark hair stands with his back to the camera and a computer on a desk in front of him scanning in books. To the side of him is a crate full of books.

“I was very happy to volunteer at the warehouse for Naomi House and JacksPlace.

When we arrived at the warehouse, we were given a tour and an overview of the operation by Kevin, the manager. The warehouse deals with a huge number of donations from the public, that are then sold on to raise money for the charity, either in their network of 20 shops, or, for more valuable items, via ebay and ‘shopiago’.

The two friendly warehouse staff, Jo & Derek, put me to work sorting some of the huge amount of donated books, while my colleague helped sort some of the enormous amount of donated clothing.

During the course of the day, a constant flow of donations came in from members of the public, who had been clearing out clothes, household goods, books, electrical items and all manner of other items.

It was easy to see that the small but dedicated team has this operation running like clockwork, and the charity really benefits both from the generosity of the public and the excellent team that works at the warehouse.”

We love that Biohorizons do regular volunteering days like this – this story was shared in their newsletter recently.

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