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Wild Britain inspires kindness to nature

a view of Aberthaw nature reserve. In the foreground is an area of long grasses. Beyond that there is a large lake with an island in the middle on which a swam is sitting. Beyond the lake is an area of trees, bushes and grass, with a stone building with a large chimney in the middle of it which is all getting overtaken my nature. The sky is filled with soft white clouds which make it look a greyish blue.

Have you seen Countryfile’s Wild Britain project – it’s full of people doing acts of kindness for nature!

Near me there are 2169 acts of kindness to nature happening, and near our social media manager there are 1656. That’s a lot of kindness!

Get involved yourself or use it as another place to find kindness and positivity – all the details can be found on their website.

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