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The kindness of Langdyke Countryside Trust volunteers

a close-up of inside the cabinet. There are glass jars and containers. Most have a label on the front. One says "Bindweed for the moths". Another is filled with a mixture of seeds and the label says "3x weekly for Turtle Doves". Some of the containers have berries in them. There's a dish of soil near the front.

The volunteers of Langdyke Countryside Trust look after 8 nature reserves close to where I live. Many of the reserves are brownfield sites, now supporting a huge variety of wildlife.

This sculpture is a Medicine Cabinet inspired by the care, kindness and hard work that Langdyke’s volunteers lavish on those nature reserves.

Their work is hugely varied, from regularly putting out supplementary food for Turtle Doves and caring for the sheep who carry out conservation grazing, to protecting Field Bindweed – the food of a very rare moth! All these things speak of their kindness and care for the wider-than-human world.

This piece & associated kindness story is from Kathryn Parsons – go & check out their other work and support small, independent artists.

This post is in collaboration with ArtCan.