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What team Time for Kindness is looking forward to at KindFest 23

Alexis and Debs in the foreground. Sarah in the background, her arms open with the Time for Kindness logo in one hand and the KindFest 23 logo in the other.

What I love most about KindFest is that the speakers are doing such a wide range of things, all connected to kindness. From authors to activists to researchers to business people to TV and radio presenters to charity founders (and more). The Kindness in Education awards and Our Dementia Choir will no doubt have me in tears (in a good way). I’m looking forward to the inspiration at every turn and knowing that everyone involved with Time for Kindness is also part of this bigger community of kindness champions and believers.

Debs – “Obviously, I am looking forward to our very own Kindness Cheerleader, Sarah Browning (she/her), who is always inspirational and lovely!
I am really looking forward to spending the whole afternoon in a ‘kindness bubble’ listening to so many wonderful speakers. And the fact that I will be there virtually with the TfK team makes it even more special.
I am looking forward to the wonderful Our Dementia Choir – I’ve seen the amazing difference music can make to people with this condition and it should be on prescription!
Bernadette Russell has written so many smashing books which have always made me smile and think and I am looking forward to hearing her spreading joy and happiness!”

Alexis Bushnell – “I’m really looking forward to the poets Yossi Goodlink and Sami Rhymes, I’ve connected strongly with poetry forever and write it myself so I always love to hear poetry.
I’m also super excited to be gifted some hope by Bernadette Russell. I suspect many of us are struggling with hope at the moment so I’m hoping(!) that Bernadette’s talk will help me find it again.
And finally, outside of Sarah of course, I’m interested to hear Zara Janjua share about investing in kindness when it comes to women and mental health.”

What are you most looking forward to about KindFest tomorrow?

And remember you can send us your story of kindness at anytime through the website.