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NHS kindness inspires art

A blue and white image of a bouquet made from disposable gloves, spectacles and medicines.

“In January 2020, my husband had a very serious bike accident, needing major surgery and then months of physical rehabilitation, just when Covid and lockdowns started. The medical care he received at St Mary’s Hospital was second to none but, more than that, the kindness shown to him, and to me, by all the hospital staff in such difficult times was exceptional.

I was moved to create several pieces of art as a way of expressing my overwhelming feelings of gratitude for their care.

This image “Thanks To The NHS” is one of six pieces which were displayed on London’s Oxford Street as part of the Light It Blue campaign in support of our frontline workers.

The second image shows a montage of three of my pieces. The huge scale of thanks felt so appropriate.

As you can see I was also delighted to have the same piece continue to spread its message of thanks on a street billboard in North London.”

This piece & associated kindness story is from Cat Coulter – go & check out their other work and support small, independent artists. This post is in collaboration with Art Can.