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The Time for Kindness bench.

a bench on grass looking out at the river Thames on which a swan is swimming. Across the other side are trees. The sky is blue with some fluffy white clouds.

This is the bench where Time for Kindness began.

This is where I was sitting in late 2020 when I first got the idea that became the Time for Kindness programme.

I had gone for a bike ride on my own that day and was contemplating what was going on in that surreal year. I was thinking about the things I had done and the things that were important to me.

Up until that point I described my clients as organisations with a vision of a better world. On that day I asked myself what I meant by ‘better’. That’s when I realised kindness is important to me.

And more than that, it dawned on me that there is lots of kindness in the world already. I could use my story-telling skills to help other people believe it too. The project that became Time for Kindness was born.

My teenager was surprisingly tolerant of me photographing a bench while we were on a bike ride along the Thames recently. That’s because she recognises how important TfK is to me (and I think she’s proud of me for it). She also came up with the actual name, so she’s invested too.

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