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Children give food to unhoused man.

A man wrapped up in a big coat, hat and gloves, sits in a large cardboard box on the street drinking from a take out cup. Text overlaid reads “Children give food to unhoused man.”

“When I go to my local supermarket, I chat to a homeless guy who sits outside near the trolleys. The other day as I was saying hello, a woman and her 2 primary-school age children came out. They were both carrying foodstuffs, such as juice, fruit, a few other bits and pieces, and had beaming smiles on their faces.

The mother encouraged them to go ahead and give these things to the man and have a quick chat with him.

It was lovely to see her teaching her children the importance of kindness.”

Thank you to Lucy for sending this in – tell us about the kindness you’ve seen recently just like she did.

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