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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Stranger provides plasters for bleeding feet.

Stranger provides plasters for bleeding feet.

A small white fluffy dog lays on a train platform. Some passengers are visible standing in sunshine on the other platform.

“A walk to the train station yesterday morning ended up with my heels in shreds and blood literally dripping over my shoes. A fellow passenger waiting on the platform noticed and asked me if I would like a plaster- he pulled out a full first aid kit and offered me what I would like.

A few plasters later and I was all set for the day -without as much pain as I would have had and no blood to be seen.

They weren’t new shoes so not sure what happened but I was very grateful to receive the offer of help. It set me up for a better day.”

Thank you Rhian for sharing this story of kindness with us and we all hope your feet have recovered properly now.