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Supermarket super kindness

A pair of hands holds a net of lemons to scan them at a supermarket. Beyond the hands is a conveyor belt of shopping.

My hairdresser told me about a kindness in the supermarket. She noticed that the man behind her was only buying a couple of items and so she let him go in front of her.

He was really grateful and while they were waiting for it to be his turn, he explained to Lynn that he was doing the shopping because his wife was unwell and he was going on somewhere else.

They continued chatting while he was paying for his things, they discovered several things in common and then he carried on chatting to her while she started to pack up her own shopping!

Eventually, after he had left the store, the person on the checkout said that he comes into the shop regularly to buy a couple of things and always chats to people while he is there.

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