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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Man pays for taxi to get IBS sufferer home to their toilet.

Man pays for taxi to get IBS sufferer home to their toilet.

A toilet roll with a sad face drawn on it sits on the toilet with the toilet seat lid resting on it.

“I have irritable bowel syndrome and it had flared up when I was in a different city visiting family and I ended up on a bus home that had a broken toilet. The bus also had just started taking a new route and it now took twice as long – 2 hours rather than 1 hour which I didn’t know.

By the time I got to my bus station I was in a lot of pain and urgently needing the toilet and called for a taxi but none were available. I was also exhausted and sore from the longer journey as I’m nearly 70.

A man overheard my call and told me he was waiting on a bus to that same area and we could share it if I wanted. He then wouldn’t let me give any money towards it. I was so grateful and thanks to the kindness of that stranger I also managed to get to the toilet just in the nick of time!”

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