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Strangers send info on Queer UK history to lesbian.

Alexis, a Queer woman with short pink hair, wearing bright Lucy & Yak pink dungarees covered in pin badges, a sleeveless yellow top with bees on it and various "be yourself" "be kind" phrases on it, and a long bead necklace in rainbow colours. She is smiling broadly.

“I’ve been looking for resources on Queer history in the UK as most of my knowledge is US based. I posted about this on social media and had several people send me links, book recommendations, museums to visit, and someone even put me in touch with a friend of theirs who helps put together exhibitions on Queer history.

I have a whole list of amazing resources to learn about my history thanks to total strangers taking the time to send them to me.”

Sharing knowledge and resources is a wonderful act of kindness – how have you experienced that lately?

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