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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Phone returned to owner at The Bee at Burnham.

Phone returned to owner at The Bee at Burnham.

a view of the Bee at Burnham pub at sunset. The sign lit up with an orange and grey sky behind it.

“I found a phone on the edge of the dancefloor and put it on the shelf. Twenty minutes later it lit up. I took the call out into the porch so I could hear what was being said, explained that I had found the phone on the floor and was trying to identify the owner; his Mum was standing the other side of the front door. She was very relieved and thankful.

This was my own good deed at the Bee in Burnham on a Saturday night.”

Well done to this kindness superhero! We love to hear stories about the kindness you did along with the kindness you’ve seen so send in your own stories.

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