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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Argos customer shows kindness to new shopper.

Argos customer shows kindness to new shopper.

an Argos store on a high street viewed from outside.

“I have bought a lot of products from Argos over the years, but have only ever done online transactions to be delivered to my home. I needed an iron urgently today (I had fused my flat with the old one) and went into my local branch. Embarrassingly, once I was there, I realised I had no idea how the system worked and all the staff were busy.

I must have been looking a little bit lost because one of the customers said, “Are you okay there?“ Feeling a bit of a fool, I explained my situation to her and expected her to point me in the direction of a member of staff. However, she took me over to a screen, explained how everything worked and stood by my side through the whole process, even getting me to the right collection point.

This woman’s kindness not only meant that I was able to buy my iron quickly, but she also made me feel very comfortable.”