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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Cis men donate sperm to a trans man to create his family.

Cis men donate sperm to a trans man to create his family.

A trans flag takes up half the image, beside it text reads "love makes a family."

Huge thank you to Logan, a wonderful trans man who’s allowed me to share his beautiful and moving story of kindness and proof that love is what makes a family.

“When my wife and I wanted to start a family we were stuck. It was 2010 and there was no support through NHS fertility routes for us. We did not have the money for paid clinics.

My brother in law volunteered to be a sperm donor. He had his own kids and wanted to help us have a family. We went on to have 4 incredible babies. He then had a vasectomy but we wanted another child.

Then a mutual friend offered to be sperm donor and we had twins.

Our family is complete with 6 children. The kindness of two cis men to be sperm donors changed our lives. They had no reward or other motivation than kindness to help.

We now have 6 children who all know that they have me and their mum as parents and that they only exist because of the kindness of these two souls.

Both volunteered to be donors, both have a great relationship with all our kids.”