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Stranger returns escapee Labrador to exhausted owner.

2 golden Labradors and one black Labrador sitting on a low agility table. They are all looking towards the camera, some with their tongues out, some not.

“My 5 year old Labrador escaped on Friday tea time when I came home from work. We live in Didsbury off the busy A34. Archie just kept on walking and as I can’t run fast, I couldn’t catch up to him.

I was frantically running down the street holding his lead in one hand and a piece of cheese in the other praying that someone would stop and help.

Thankfully he didn’t cross Kingsway because if he had, he wouldn’t have seen his 6th Birthday just 2 days later.

As I turned onto school lane, I couldn’t see him but a lady standing by a red car was waving at me. My first thought was that she had knocked him over but then she pointed to him and came running over to me.

By this time I was close to tears and could barely get my breath from running. She said I have a Labrador too, what’s his name? I managed to tell her and with that she bent her knees to get down to his level and shouted his name.

He came running over to us and I was able to put his lead on. She looked at me and gave me a massive hug!

She was like an angel who went out of her way to help me. With the shock of it all I never got her name which I regret. She had a red car and was wearing a brace.

I would be so grateful if my story could be shared and she could be acknowledged for her extremely kind help and care.”

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