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A kind GP makes all the difference

a doctor wearing a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck leans forward a little and puts his hand on the arm of a patient sat in front of him. The patient has their hand to their mouth.

It only takes one person to make a big difference as this anonymous story of a kind GP shows.

“Last week I had a GP appointment at my local surgery. I’m always conscious when I see the GP that their time is limited so try to communicate as quickly as possible why I am there and often avoid detailing much about my chronic health conditions.

I got into my appointment a little flustered and was trying to rapidly detail why I was there. This particular GP who I’d never met before put me at ease straight away by saying not to rush and actually asked about my chronic health conditions and how I was dealing with everything (as well as addressing the reason I had booked the appointment).

I was completely taken aback as he spent time talking to me about my challenges, not just the reason why I was there. He showed empathy and compassion which I have not seen before and I was so grateful for his time.
He made me feel like a human being and listened to, not just someone with a chronic condition.

This GP made my day so much brighter and restored my faith in the kindness of others!”