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Kindness that made a little boy smile (& may have brought a few tears to my eye 😉)

This message appeared on a local FB group this morning:

“Does anybody happen to have a Skylanders Imaginators portal for Xbox 360 that we could either borrow or you no longer use please? We bought the game for my 6 year old’s birthday today and the portal doesn’t work! It was his most exciting present and he is a little upset right now…..😞”

Within minutes, several offers of portals had come in! I think what touched me most was that people were saying their own children were offering their help and some of them wanted to give extra figures to the little boy too.

There is SO MUCH kindness and we don’t hear about it because people are just quietly getting on with it!

Thanks to Andrew Molyneaux @andymolphoto for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁