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It’s local election day here in the UK and I’ve just been to cast my vote. It strikes me that there is plenty of kindness involved.

  1. Most obvious is the kindness of the volunteers who run the polling stations. Without them giving up their time it wouldn’t be possible to have elections at all.

And this year they are carrying out their important role from behind screens and masks, with the smell of hand gel in the air and a one-way system to ask people to follow.

  1. There are also the volunteers who count the votes – without them there really wouldn’t be any point any of us putting a cross in a box.
  2. Whatever you think of party politics and the motivations of our more high profile politicians, it seems to me that the vast majority of people standing for election do so out of a sense of service and duty. And I believe there is a sort of kindness in that.

I might not agree with all candidates’ views and policies, but I do respect them for stepping up.