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Pete from Aveton Gifford is a kindness superhero!

close up of a car with a tyre missing and hands fiddling where it should be, a tyre is resting on the side of the car. The car is at the side of the road near Aveton Gifford.

“I was driving home to Plymouth from Kingsbridge with my dog Gigi, as I came out of Churchstow heading towards Aveton Gifford down a very steep hill, my van was making a a terrible sound and shuddering!! I put my hazards on and stopped and got out to look and a my rear tyre was shredded!!

As I was stood on a busy road, in the dark on the phone to the RAC, a kind man who lived in the village kindly took over the call to the RAC, then he went home and came back with a jack and all the tools and kindly took the shredded tyre off and put in the spare.

The man’s name was Pete from Aveton Gifford in Devon and he saved my evening and my frozen peas defrosting in the van!! A true hero on a dark winter night!! Me and Gigi are even grateful for his help.”

What a kindness superhero Pete is!

And thank you to Nikki Pryce for allowing us to share this.

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