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Help find the M4s kindness superhero who helped Brenda

A view from inside a car, there is a sat nav and an iPod and out of the window there is a road and green fields on a grey day.

“Brenda, 80, has been travelling 380 miles to Cornwall regularly for the past 30 years – following the break for Covid she felt she was unable to make this journey and my husband and I, would invite Mum to holiday with us. Earlier this year she decided to make the journey alone, armed with a new sat nav, in car sat nav and road map – she know the way like the back of her hand and all these gadgets were in case of diversions. She successfully made the journey there and back.

Following this she decided to go again this weekend, travelling during the night for quieter roads she set off at 10pm.
Unfortunately early into her journey she was faced with the M25 being closed, she started her detour but her satnav kept trying to send her back to the closed m25.

After over 3 hours of travelling, at gone 1am and what seemed like going round in circles, she came across a young lad in a garage tinkering with his car. She asked for his assistance. He tried to help her with the sat navs to point in her the right direction, but as she’s not technically minded this wasn’t going well.

The young chap then said he would guide her to the M4 by following him.

When she was re telling me the story, she said she followed his very low car with big exhausts and sparks came off as it drove over humps!

After a good while travelling the young chap pulled over and waved Mum back on her way. Unfortunately she was so wrapped up in getting back on the road she knew she didn’t manage to get his name, she just waved and shouted thanks as she went by. She was truly grateful to this kind chap and asked if I could put a notice in the paper to thank him.”

If you know this man, please get in touch so he can be properly thanked – and if you don’t, please share so we can find him!