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“I just wanted to make someone’s day happier!”

I love this kindness story, shared by Beccie D’Cunha via LinkedIn.

She explains, “I lost my wallet on Saturday night. I got this note through the door on Sunday.

“The man who left me this note was cycling along when he spotted my driving licence in the road. He is a courier and had an hour left on his shift. He picked up the driving licence and then spotted my bank card and followed the trail to find a couple of other cards in the road.

“He then called up his employer and said he had to do something important so couldn’t take any more jobs that day. He cycled up a very long, steep hill, in the wind and rain, to bring the cards to me.

“I wasn’t in so I went to pick them up from him later that evening. He wouldn’t accept anything by way of a thank you (‘it would spoil it. I didn’t do it for that.’) He said it was a horrible rainy day and he just wanted to make someone’s day happier.

“He then offered me tea with his family. He is Moroccan and I was reminded of the Arabic hospitality I experienced when living in the Middle East in my early twenties.

“I was really touched by the kindness and generosity of this man. So thought I’d share it on this rainy Monday morning.”