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Furlough support

A screenshot from the furloughed fundraisers chat facebook page showing a drawing of multi-coloured hands with a white heart on the highest hand

The Furloughed Fundraisers Chat group set up on Facebook in March 2020 by fundraiser Nikki Wrench is a fantastic example of mutual kindness and support.

Nikki explains, “When the furlough scheme was announced in March 2020 I, like many others, got the call to say that my role was being furloughed. I knew that many Fundraisers across Britain would be feeling the same way that I did – emotional, rejected and useless but also willing to offer my new free time to any charity that could use my skills whilst I couldn’t apply them to my own role.”

This inspired her to set up the FB group so that fundraisers could offer each other support during those difficult times and charities could find furloughed fundraisers to help them out. It quickly grew to over 2600 members. They also started providing each other with training, wellbeing sessions and, when the time was right, recruitment advice and support.

“The Fundraising sector came out in force and gave their time, experience and expertise to the group, which helped so many people rebuild their confidence, get back into work and prepare themselves for fundraising life after covid,” says Nikki.

The kindness of so many people stepping up to help each other and offer their skills is really moving. When Nikki recently carried out a poll to see whether members thought it was time to close the group now that the furlough scheme is coming to an end, the answer was an overwhelming ‘no’!

Well done to Nikki and all the other people who made this group such a thriving, supportive and kind community!