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Local horse inspires kindness in local community.

An oil painting of Louis, a white horse who has turned his head to look at us. He is standing in a green field with trees behind him and dandelions dotted about in the grass.

“Louis of Cadbury Lane is a pony who lives alone in a field full of dandelions and other weeds near us at the end of a track in rural Wiltshire which my son named when he was about 5.

Louis is always there – I don’t remember a time when he had been taken out for a ride or a walk, so he attracts a lot of attention and kindness from dog walkers and passers by like us, who want to make a fuss of him and feed him apples and polos.

He has captured many people’s hearts, and I was inspired to paint him.”

This piece and associated kindness story is from Rosemary Burn go and check out their other work and support small, independent artists.

This post is in collaboration with Art Can.