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Kindness of fitness instructors

Selfie of Sarah looking very sweaty next to a laptop showing a Zumba class.

Which fitness folks make you feel amazing? For me it’s my Zumba and aerobics teacher, Sedge Gooding. She’s one of the kindest people I know. I’ve always loved her classes – they are fun, varied and she makes us smile as well as work hard.

When we were all stuck inside she went above and beyond to run live classes on Zoom, set up an online platform full of on demand classes and when it was safe, she opened up her garden so some of us could exercise in person. But more than that, she messaged people to check they were ok, kept our spirits up and kept us going. All at a time when she was scared for her own family & business, Fitness Together.

Since she’s been able to do in-venue classes again, she has continued to offer the classes on Zoom too – this is brilliant for people who aren’t able to be there in person, for whatever reason, even though I’m sure it’s a hassle for her to set all the equipment up every time.

If I miss a class, she will still message me to check that I’m OK. And she always knows the right amount of encouragement we need in class, to make sure we get the most fun out of our exercising! She’s a star!