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England’s Lionesses at the Euros

The England Lionesses football team warming up in multicoloured training tops at the corner of the pitch

I saw lots of examples of kindness after the England Euros football match on Friday from the players to their young fans.

For example, Jill Scott agreed to have a selfie with my friend’s daughter – it completely made T’s night, she was buzzing!

The goal-keeper Ellie Roebuck came over to the crowd and beckoned to a young girl of about 6 or 7 to come down to the front.
She gave the little girl one of her goal-keeper shirts – she was beside herself with excitement!

Another little girl had wanted a photo with her favourite, Millie Bright, but she couldn’t get close enough – it turned out that Millie’s family were in the crowd and they had their photo taken with the girl instead.
To be shown that interest by her hero’s family was almost as exciting as meeting the player herself!

I know from having met some of these players myself in the past, when my daughter was Chelsea Women’s Mascot, that these players really understand they are role models and understand how much it means to their young fans to connect with them.