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Kindness contributes to football club fun day win!

a woman with long grey hair held back with a Sports Relief sweatband and wearing large sunglasses and a yellow top smiles broadly.

“The team that K played with at her football club’s fun day were great – They don’t normally play together so they didn’t know each other, but they were great at checking everyone was happy in the position they were in, especially the goalie (that’s not usually a popular spot!).

They celebrated with high 5s when they scored and were supportive when passes didn’t come off.

And you know what? Looking out for each other paid off – they won the tournament 😊.

A big shout out to their manager too who was a parent volunteer in her first experience of ‘managing’ a team. She stepped in at the last minute when a more experienced volunteer dropped out due to unforeseen circumstances – another brilliant act of kindness!”

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