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Kindness author, Linda, sends book to help kindness cheerleader

Linda, a woman with medium light skin tone and long black hair, sitting at a chair outside holding her book titled "The Economy of Kindness" with one hand and pointing to it with the other. She is smiling broadly.

I have recently joined a group of amazing women who are working in the field of kindness and business. We are based literally around the world, from New Zealand to the UK to the USA and Canada. The aim of our group is to support and encourage each other in the work that we are doing, so that’s a kindness straight away. We have quickly become friends 😊.

I was telling the group about my new wellbeing workshop, teaching people to notice more kindness in the world around them. I was talking about how I wanted to find some research and statistics that provide hard evidence of the benefits of kindness to businesses as well as individuals. Linda Cohen immediately offered to send me a copy of her book which is full of that kind of ‘proof’ that kindness is a commercial benefit as well as a personal one.

It was so kind of her to help me in this way! Plus her messages have been so positive and encouraging about what I am doing 😊

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