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I’m loving seeing more people talking about kindness at work so big thank you to Jonathan Chrimes for pointing out the work Christina Baird is doing on this front.

On the website they share some steps to get started participating in their Being Kind at Work campaign and here they are:

1) Commit to being kind in your workplace. You can commit to one act a day for 15 days, or 1 act a week, or just try 1 new thing and see how you go.

2) Carry out an act of kindness: Release some kindness at your workplace. It could be as simple as complimenting a colleague’s work, offering assistance to a team member, or expressing gratitude to your boss. Think up your own or use some of the suggestions below.

3) Capture the moment: Take a photo or a short video (respecting others’ privacy) describing the act of kindness, and observing what happens.

4) Share with the hashtag: Share your experience on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, using the campaign’s official hashtag: #KindAtWork.

5) Spread the word: Encourage your colleagues, friends, and followers to participate in the campaign by sharing their own acts of kindness. Or challenge someone to carry out more acts of kindness than you.

For more information go and check out their website: