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Ducklings saved by kind business owner

A large lake with three swans and a variety of ducks on it.

Dr Christina Baird mounted a duckling saving kindness mission that made her late for work!

She shared on LinkedIn “I posted late today because my work was interrupted by a delivery truck driver knocking on my door – he had just seen a mother duck lead ducklings over the stormwater drain- her wide webbed feet just pass over the grate. The ducklings feet however are still so small that they just drop down. So I paused my work, and went on a duckling rescue mission.

We managed to rescue 5 out of 7 (the other two wandered off up the pipe).”

Not only that, it inspired her to share more about kindness at work:

“Kindness at work happens on many different levels.

🐥 We can develop a sense of kindness to ourselves.
🐥We can show kindness to our colleagues and team.
🐥 We can create kind systems that treat people as individuals with different needs.
🐥We can learn and model kind leadership.
🐥 We can create organisations that are kind to the environment.
🐥 We can be kind to the living organisms around us.”

I’d love to hear your stories of kindness at work – with or without ducklings!