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Stranger shows both trust and kindness at a petrol station

a woman wearing a blue checked shirt pumps fuel into a red car.

“I was with my 10 year old daughter in a petrol station near Redhill in Surrey. I got to the till to pay but discovered I’d accidently left my debit card at home and had no means to pay.

I called my husband to ask him to do a quick bank transfer but got no response. My daughter started crying as the petrol station owner was adamant that we couldn’t leave without paying.

Suddenly the lady behind me offered to pay for me telling me I could transfer the money to her later!

She immediately paid and then we swapped numbers and I took her bank details. She left without a fuss just trusting that I would pay her back.

My daughter was amazed and even the shop attendant looked quite shocked.

Of course I went home and paid her straight away but she didn’t know that I would do.

I now know that my angel’s name is Wendy Smythe so give her a big shout out from me and my daughter Megan.”

This is such a heart-warming story and big shout out to Wendy for being a kindness superhero!