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Erwood Pitstop trust volunteers take care of public toilet

A sign on a yellow door explaining that the Erwood Pit Stop is looked after by a group of volunteers who provide clean and tidy facilities open 24 hours a day, and donations may be placed in the box outside. At the bottom it reads "every penny counts, so you can spend one!"

“While traveling to North Wales, a 4 hour drive, we came across a public toilet in Erwood that was beautifully clean and well kept.

The Erwood Pit Stop is open 24 hours a day and taken care of by volunteers with a donation box outside, a way to save their public toilet after they were threatened with closure.

I thought it was especially kind as I have a nervous bladder and am always grateful for a well placed toilet! The volunteers are doing a spectacular job too, obviously a group of wonderfully kind people.”

Volunteering is a clear demonstration of kindness and we always love to hear stories about volunteers.

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