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Employee appreciation day

How do you show your employees that you value them?

Happy employee appreciation day – when did you last tell your employees how amazing they are?

Showing appreciation for your employees isn’t just an act of kindness, it’s also good business sense. People who feel valued will put more effort in and remain loyal to your business.

How will you show your employees that you value them both today and through the year?
I also want to use today to share my own appreciation for my #TeamKind (not my employees but still very important to the running and joy of Time for Kindness).

Deborah Henry-Pollard – my business coach, an absolutely awesome human being who never bats an eyelid that my notes for our sessions are always at least 50% drawings and paintings rather than formal notes! Her support and kind questions keep me on track and loving what I do.

Alexis Bushnell – my social media guru, another superstar who turns my collection of kindness stories into cohesive and engaging content and prompts me with stories she spots and thinks I will like. Without her I would be running round in circles and spending far too much time trying to remember how to ‘do’ social media properly!

Headwall Hosting – my website whizz, a genius who is the only person I’ve ever met who can make the technical stuff that keeps my websites going sound not scary. I am completely at ease knowing he is keeping an eye on how the sites are performing and ensuring we don’t get unwanted intruders.