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A collection of posts that share stories of leadership and positive stories of kind leaders. These posts provide ideas and inspiration for leaders who want to lead with kindness and empathy.

How do you show your employees that you value them?

Employee appreciation day

Happy employee appreciation day – when did you last tell your employees how amazing they are? Showing appreciation for your employees isn’t just an act of kindness, it’s also good business sense. People who feel valued will put more effort in and remain loyal to your business. How will you show your employees that you […]

The word team in bright colours on a white background

Have you got the right team around you?

Each of us has a greater or lesser need to be part of a team. Sometimes the level of connection we have with others is driven by our own internal needs. Sometimes there are external factors which affect the contact levels we have. But for most of use there will come a time (or many

A chalkboard that reads Welcome, please come in

Need help spreading messages of kindness in 2022?

If so, Time for Kindness is now open for the new year. I can work with you to achieve your vision of kindness by communicating more effectively and motivating people to take actions. Communication is regularly cited as needing improvement, but there are always things you can do to make it better. As I often

A hand at the beach holding out a sign that says 'Kindness. Pass it on'

What if… we speak up about believing in kindness

Throughout 2021 I have featured lots of wonderful guest writers for the ‘What If’ kindness series. I decided that the final one of the year should come from me! In January this year, I did two things that proved to be significant: I wrote a LinkedIn article and opened it with the words ‘This year

A group of primary education aged children standing in a circle and holding up a rainbow coloured parachute

What if…. kindness is made a priority in primary education?

This month we hear from Anna Clark, Head of a junior school, about what happens when primary schools prioritise kindness. She shares how it benefits the children and the whole community. In 2020, the world as we know it changed. Up to this point, the key focus in primary education had very much been ensuring

Cartoon strip illustrating what it means to truly listen, 2 figures with one asking 'how are you', a speech bubble saying 'that must have been hard work', one person asking 'what can I do to help' and a speech bubble saying 'thank you'

What if… I demonstrate wise compassion?

This month’s guest blog comes from facilitator, author and founder of Inky Thinking, Tom Russell. As a leader of an organisation, he has spent a lot of time considering the importance of kindness and is able to demonstrate what that looks like with his team on a daily basis. Kindness in leadership is a subject

A chalkboard that reads Welcome, please come in

Who’s in the room?

A few weeks ago I finally got round to watching the Channel 4 drama, It’s a Sin. It depicts the lives of a group of friends living in London in the 1980s as the HIV/AIDS crisis developed and impacted them directly. As you might expect from a series written by Russell T Davies, it was

A little girl wearing a T-shirt that says Future Leader

What if… leaders prioritise kindness?

This month I am delighted to bring to you a ‘What If’ blog piece from communications manager, Nafisa Shafiq. She shares a personal experience of kindness from a manager and talks us through actions that leaders can take to prioritise kindness. It was 9.47 on Saturday morning when I heard my phone ring. I was