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World Book Day 2022

a slightly faded and muted photo of Sarah as a baby sat beside her gran, they are reading a book.

Who’s your favourite kind character in a book?

It’s World Book Day today. For as long as I can remember, books and stories have been part of my life. There is a fabulous photo in the family album of me as a very young child, sitting on my gran’s lap as she read to me. Every night, my mum or dad would read a bedtime story to me and my sisters.

Books allow us to escape, to explore, to discover who we are and learn about others.

They help us find heroes and learn to spot villainous behaviour.

I am acutely aware that too many children in the UK do not grow up with this love of books, or even with the skills to be able to read them. That’s why I used to be a trustee for a children’s literacy charity, @abctoread1 and still loudly support their work. They support children who are struggling with reading to discover a love for books that will be with them for life.

I would love to know who your favourite kind character is from a book so I can share another post of kind characters we can all learn from.