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Day 5 – 7 Days of Kindness

7 days of kindness image with the words Day 5 and Pay for their parking

Day 5 – pay for their parking

I had already planned for today’s kindness story to be about paying for someone else’s parking. It was inspired by a business contact I was talking to at the beginning of the week. The person in front of them in the queue for the station parking meter had a malfunctioning debit card, so my friend stepped up and paid for both cars.

Small act, big impact because the other driver was in a rush to catch a train 😀

But as I sat down to write this story, I was listening to the @djsaracox show on Radio 2. She does a daily Sara Award which is a shout out for someone who has done something kind for someone else.

And guess what? Today’s Sara Award went to 2 strangers in a car park in the Lake District who gave 2 quid to a couple who didn’t have enough cash to pay for their parking!

Spooky! Ever feel that the universe is trying to tell you something?!

In this case, it seems to be saying that kindness in paying for other people’s parking is everywhere 😉😍

Who could you be kind to today?