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Day 4 – 7 days of kindness

a photo of some of the donated coats hanging up in the shop space

Day 4 – donated quality clothes

Last weekend Visit Banbury Community Interest Company undertook the distribution of lots of wonderful donated items from local people to others within their community in #Banbury. This was part of the #100WinterCoats project.

They had made lots of partner organisations aware and shared info on social media and local radio, but had no idea who, if anyone would come.

After a slow start on the first day they had a steady stream of people the rest of the time. The volunteers explained about the project. Most people were amazed they could choose whatever they needed from a huge selection of high quality items. Many items were new or as new. They also had some donated vouchers to give out to people too.

Well done to everyone who donated and who made this event possible!

What could you donate today?