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Day 6 – 7 Days of Kindness

A photo of my front bike wheel and basket

Day 6 – bike maintenance

I love my bike! As a non-driver, it is one of my main modes of transport (along with walking and getting the train).

Now that I am starting to get in-person meetings with clients back in the diary, I’m cycling more again. On Wednesday this week, I needed to go to a client whose office is about 25 mins’ cycle away to run a workshop.

My bike is old, but it has been my faithful companion for many years and it works very well. But it does need regular maintenance and upkeep. In particular, if its tyres are pumped up regularly, it is easier to ride.

Reader, I had let the tyre maintenance slide…

So my lovely husband got out of bed 5 minutes earlier on Wednesday to pump up my tyres for me. And that made my journey to see my new client much easier and more pleasant. What a superstar!