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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Day 3 – singing Dolly songs

Day 3: Amplify kindness: A joyful story of connection to make us all smile on a Friday afternoon.

My friend, Debs, went for her covid booster this morning. She was given the Moderna vaccine.

She got chatting to an Italian gentleman in the queue and they were reading through the possible side effects. He laughed when she said ‘it doesn’t warn you that you could turn into Dolly Parton’ (the singer donated $1million to help fund the Moderna vaccine).

After their jabs, Debs and her new friend were next to each other in the recovery room. He gave her a sly look over his mask then quietly started singing Dolly’s song, ‘Jolene’.

“Well, you can’t let a man sing on his own! It ended up with 4 of us singing and then discussing our favourite Dolly songs! Certainly took our minds off the side effects!”