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Bell ringer gets graduate to train on time.

a red car viewed from behind and low down.

“On Friday 15th September I graduated Henley Business school. My husband and I ordered a taxi for 5pm to take us to the train station for our train at 6pm. This was the first of 4 trains we needed to catch to get back home to Yorkshire. We booked it early as there are roadworks in the area which turn a ten minute journey into 25. However our taxi despite ringing them numerous times still hadn’t arrived at 17.35.

Then this angel came along in her little red car and offered to take us to the train station. I can’t remember her name but she worked for the university as a timetabler and had been working that day sorting graduates out into alphabetical order to go into the graduation ceremony. Her little red car had no air conditioning which she apologised for! It could have been a coal wagon for all we cared, we just needed to make the train.

This lady had a hobby of bell ringing and rings the bells for two churches in reading on a Sunday. She has traveled far and wide to ring church bells. Apparently there is a shortage of trained bell ringers. There are guardian angels out there! Thank you.”

What a wonderful story, thank you Christine for sending this in for us to share – and if you know who this guardian angel was, do get in touch!

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