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Elderly woman supports stranger during long train journey.

A woman with medium light skin tone and black hair tied back. She is wearing a green and white decorative top, jeans and trainers. She is standing outside beside a huge plant with green leaves and pink flowers, and smiling.

“I was on the train on my own and reading my book minding my own business and then this lady saw my top and it was a nature one and sat down next to me and explained her husband loved botany. She was in her 80s but was explaining how she was travelling to go on a cruise on her own and she was really excited as she loved seeing new places.

It was quite a long train journey but we chatted the whole way and time just flew, she made me laugh, shared some of her poetry and gave me great life advice even though we were two strangers.

What stuck out to me was that day I was doubting and questioning myself a lot, but she told me to keep being persistent and follow my dreams. And she could see that I had an energy within me to make the world a better place and to never lose that. ❤️❤️”

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