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5 ways to be kind to yourself

Text reads "5 ways to be kind to yourself."

Kindness to self is often forgotten about so here’s 5 ways you can start being kind to yourself right now. Share your own tips in the comments.

1) Learn about YOUR body. Knowing how your body (and brain) work and what quirks you have can help you notice problems sooner and find more effective ways to take care of yourself.

2) Make staying hydrated easy. Drinking enough is incredibly important so finding a way that makes it easy for you is a great kindness. Whether that’s always having a bottle of water with you, setting reminders to drink, or having a variety of drink options in so you don’t get bored of one flavour, find the thing(s) that helps you get hydrated.

3) Speak to yourself like you would a friend. We often set high standards and have less compassion for ourselves so catching those “you useless person, why couldn’t you get that right” moments and imagining you’re saying that to a friend can help us switch up how we talk to and about ourselves. After all, we’re the only friend we’re around all the time!

4) Learn about and implement boundaries. Boundaries in all areas of life keep us safe. If you’re not great with boundaries, first work on learning what they even look like and how they work, then start practicing implementing them. Self Love Rainbow has a great workbook all about boundaries.

5) Ask for and/or accept help from others. Often the hardest thing for us to do but we’re all human – we all need help sometimes. It can help to think of accepting help as giving someone else the opportunity to feel helpful, and we all want to make the people around us feel good!