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Young men help 70 year old after fall.

A man with medium dark skin tone and grey hair on a grassy area, one arm reached out to brace himself, the other going off the other way.

“Last night, 3 or 4 young lads / men helped my dad in his late 70s off the floor when he collapsed out side the doctors by the the rugby club.

They very kindly helped him up and looked after him as he came around and then walked him to the bus station.

After a trip to A&E and a CT scan ( after the knock to his head ) and a patch up on his elbow, he was sent home later this afternoon.

If you know any youngsters who were out last night please ask them and pass on out thanks for their kindness and consideration.

Also a big shout out to our NHS staff who were amazing also today.”

This lovely post was spotted in a local Facebook group and there’s so much kindness on show here:

The men who helped.

The NHS staff.

The person posting to show their gratitude.

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