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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » Woman in refuge in Uganda gives bracelet to visiting artist.

Woman in refuge in Uganda gives bracelet to visiting artist.

“Thank you for the bracelet” (made by this mother, drawn here with her child, in Uganda). Charcoal and acrylic on board. Image 1: a painting in charcoal and acrylic on board of mother, with her back to us but looking over her left shoulder to her child who is tied to her in a shawl. The board is pale brown, the mother and child are drawn in black lines over a block of light blue paint. There is a rectangle of red paint in the top right corner.

“I visited a womens’ refuge while doing charity work in child protection in Uganda some years ago. A beautiful young mother with few possessions gave me a banana and a bead bracelet she had made from found paper on the streets of Kampala to support herself and her baby.

She would not allow me to decline, although I did try, and it would have insulted her so generous hospitality in her tiny dwelling.

I later made this drawing of her and her child. I treasure the bracelet still.”

This piece and associated kindness story is from Louise Dale Chalmers go and check out their other work and support small, independent artists.

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