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Debs stands holding a large Art Can bag beside Kate Enters, another femme presenting person wearing a blue dress. They are in front of 4 pieces of art handing on a white wall.

#ChangeTheStory – Debs and ArtCan

Debs, one of the Time for Kindness team, volunteers as a trustee of ArtCan, an organisation which supports artists by creating a community, giving opportunities to show and sell their work, and to develop their practices. Debs told me that “This ties in well with my key values of creativity, collaboration, inspiration, support – and […]

A neon festival of collaged tape convering the front side of a standard office envelope. Neon pink, green, yellow and light grey fabric tapes overlap and sit side by side creating geometrically asymetrical but non repeated patterns which are joined by irregular offcuts of the same colour and dimension. This work is tactile introducing further dimensions that exceed the imagination.

Tape art creatives show and inspire kindness.

“As part of a daily ritual I have developed an episodic called ‘Thoughts On Walks’ where I note thoughts, occasions and encounters of significance. This episode was one such occasion where kindness inspired Artistic action. The 24th August is significant for me, not least because it is my father’s birthday anniversary and I will naturally

“Thank you for the bracelet” (made by this mother, drawn here with her child, in Uganda). Charcoal and acrylic on board. Image 1: a painting in charcoal and acrylic on board of mother, with her back to us but looking over her left shoulder to her child who is tied to her in a shawl. The board is pale brown, the mother and child are drawn in black lines over a block of light blue paint. There is a rectangle of red paint in the top right corner.

Woman in refuge in Uganda gives bracelet to visiting artist.

“I visited a womens’ refuge while doing charity work in child protection in Uganda some years ago. A beautiful young mother with few possessions gave me a banana and a bead bracelet she had made from found paper on the streets of Kampala to support herself and her baby. She would not allow me to

The ArtCan and Time for Kindness logos both in white circles towards the centre. To the left, balloons in ArtCan and Time for Kindness colours. Text below reads "virtual art gallery."

Fellow artist offers suggestion which improves a work.

“A fellow art can artist saw my work after I had gone home and suggested this change. The artists sent me a drawing to see what I thought. A suggested change to an install, kindly suggested and warmly received.” This piece and associated kindness story is from Elspeth Billie Penfold go and check out their other

A black and white photo of an older lady sitting on a wooden bench by a wooden fence. She has a wooden walking stick in her left hand which is resting on the ground between her feet. Her right hand is in front of her mouth as she hides a giggle. she is wearing a dark skirt, cardigan, and tights, carpet slippers and a light woollen hat pulled down over her ears.

A simple smile is a huge act of kindness.

“This lovely lady gave me the most adorable smile and giggle. She sat quietly amongst the rubble left by the fight on one of the main routes near the town of Ichnya where Russian forces had surrounded an agricultural community of 10,000 and used to gain ground towards the capital – Kyiv.” A simple smile

An oil painting of Louis, a white horse who has turned his head to look at us. He is standing in a green field with trees behind him and dandelions dotted about in the grass.

Local horse inspires kindness in local community.

“Louis of Cadbury Lane is a pony who lives alone in a field full of dandelions and other weeds near us at the end of a track in rural Wiltshire which my son named when he was about 5. Louis is always there – I don’t remember a time when he had been taken out

Catherine Hill standing in her sewing studio.

Childhood filled with love inspires artist.

“I grew up in a family of six kids – full of noise, nurture and food. Dad was out working so Mum and cooking were the constants in our life – and our home always smelled of baking. During the financial challenges of the 1970’s, every day without fail we had a home cooked food

an art gallery with the artist, Lawrence, sitting on the left of the photo playing a guitar. He is wearing dark trousers and a grey shirt. On the right is a female dancer in a black leotard and a black and white check shirt and long dark hair dancing in front of a painting. There are people standing around watching her.

Curator goes above and beyond supports artist

“The extraordinary kindness of a curator friend who took the time with all the artists she curated for a large exhibition she was instrumental in setting up. She gave a huge amount of time to each participating individual, and ensured that everyone had sufficient exhibition space in what was a very busy gallery off Brick

Photo of myself with my Mum at The Contemporary Art Fair at Sandown Park Racecourse with one of the cushions of my peacock designs - showing the progression of the peacock design in my career, from Juliet and her daughter's act of kindness.

Colleagues and loved ones support new artists journey.

During lockdown I found my creativity again after a 15 year hiatus, but seriously lacked confidence. As a key worker (in my employee job) I was still required to attend work, and I happened to show one of my colleagues called Juliet, a photo of a painting I was working on. She was super supportive

A photograph of a square acrylic painting mounted on a wooden background. The painting is a self portrait with bright sun shining through window blinds, creating striped shadows across the tightly cropped face, which glances anxiously out of the window.

Artist, Simon Monk, shows kindness to new artist.

“My Time for Kindness story is dedicated to my former tutor and mentor Simon Monk.Simon is a highly respected artist painter who despite being extremely busy with his own practice has taken the time out to meet, discuss and advise me on my own practice. He has also been generous enough to photograph my paintings