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Tape art creatives show and inspire kindness.

A neon festival of collaged tape convering the front side of a standard office envelope. Neon pink, green, yellow and light grey fabric tapes overlap and sit side by side creating geometrically asymetrical but non repeated patterns which are joined by irregular offcuts of the same colour and dimension. This work is tactile introducing further dimensions that exceed the imagination.

“As part of a daily ritual I have developed an episodic called ‘Thoughts On Walks’ where I note thoughts, occasions and encounters of significance. This episode was one such occasion where kindness inspired Artistic action.

The 24th August is significant for me, not least because it is my father’s birthday anniversary and I will naturally recall him on this day every year, as long as I live. This 24th however, in his memory, I decided it was time to celebrate the day, which just so happened to coincide with the unveiling of an exhibition named ‘Unrolled’ on ‘Tape Art’ – featuring the work of Adrian Dittert – a medium I’d discovered during lockdown, which drew some lovely parallels to collage.

Little did I know that on rocking up to the joint The Bomb Factory Art Foundation in Covent Garden I would encounter the founder Cre8tapes and the Artist himself. Being the first visitor to the gallery, I got to have an in depth chat with the founder Cre8tapes about this relatively new medium and approaches to it with Adrian I was also honoured to walk away with an incredibly generous gift of 20+ tapes to play with! If you’re Artist you’ll feel me! Free materials!!!

On arriving home, I sat down with my tapes wondering what I could do with them. After all, I loved the idea of helping spread the word about this new medium and putting my free gifts to good use. However, I felt restricted by the dimensions of the tape itself and was curious about larger adhesive sheets which lent themselves better to cutting free form shapes from. Days past and an exhibition opportunity arrived on my doorstep involving creating art on envelopes revolving around the topic of ‘Changing Perspectives’. Perfect! The dimensions and topic felt right! I immediately got to work with the tapes and before I knew had come up with 11. I donated (x2) which will not be revealed until the exhibition The National Brain Appeal, literally sending a message of hope to the families and patients diagnosed with a neurological condition.”

This piece and associated kindness story is from Kika Pierides go and check out their other work and support small, independent artists.

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