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Ticket inspector comforts grieving passenger

a wide set of train tracks with many different lines in a city viewed from the bridge above. A train is coming in on one track on the bottom right. Text overlaid reads “Ticket inspector comforts grieving passenger.”

“I had met friends for the weekend and had to change trains on my journey home. I knew it was a short window to change trains and I jumped on a train only to realise it didn’t stop at my stop. It meant I’d have to go an hour up the line and an hour back again.

I thought I would text my mam about it, as she’d laugh at how flaky I had been but for a mili-second I forgot that she passed away in November. I then couldn’t stop crying!

The lady ticket collector took me under her wing and even let me sit in first class on the way back home. She was absolutely wonderful, a total life saver.”

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