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Stranger helps find 3 boys lost in Sutton Park.

a nature reserve with small hills of very long grass and plains of shorter grass. There are some bushes dotted around. The sky is bright blue.

“I took our boys (aged 9, 12 and 13) to Sutton Park. We had never visited before and it seemed like a good place for a half term catch up and undertake the 8 mile circular walk. Our boys were less enthusiastic shall we say.

Unfortunately about an hour in the boys wondered and explored a bit to far and whilst my sister and I were trying to find them we couldn’t understand why the eldest was not picking up his phone.

On the umpteenth time of dialing a lady answered saying she had found the phone lying on the ground. Our boys had been missing for half an hour. Hearts sank, Amy as we later found out her name stayed an the line and spent 20 minutes finding us whilst we continued to search for our boys.

We found the boys – just as we were ready to call the police! The boys were searching for the lost phone! We were so relieved to have found them.

Amy reunited us with the phone. She had lost hers a few days earlier and someone was able to return it to her.

Amy (walking your white cockapoo) thank you! You wouldn’t hear of us sending you anything. We couldn’t be more grateful to you. Our boys did not complain anymore on the walk!”

This was another story meant for Sara Cox but the sender kindly allowed us to share it too!

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