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Therapists kindness inspires an artist

Painting of two hands holding a plastic toy tiger.

“When I was 17 my therapist had a box of plastic toy animals on the table. One day I must have been staring at them because she suddenly asked me ‘which animal do you feel like?’

I must admit that at the time it felt like a strange question, but I didn’t feel able to say that so instead I replied, ‘I don’t know which one I feel like, but the tiger is my favourite. They are beautiful and they are almost extinct,’ I immediately felt stupid for stating the obvious, but my therapist took me quite by surprise when she replied ‘like the tiger Solly you are too beautiful to become extinct.’

She allowed me to keep the tiger and to me it became a symbol of my therapy with her and of her belief in me.”

Story and images from: Solly Solomon .

This post is in collaboration with ArtCan .