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Home » Short Stories about Kindness » The kindness of a cashier

Rachael’s family benefitted from real kindness at a store recently- “Every year as my birthday approaches I have that awkward situation where my kids want to buy me gifts but they’re too young to do it alone and as a lone parent they don’t have another adult to help them.

It’s usually very awkward, we go to a store and they put stuff in a basket and I awkwardly pretend I can’t see and we go to the till and I try and ask the cashier for assistance scanning and bagging whilst my back is turned – to create some semblance of magic and ‘’mama has no idea” for my kids – sometimes I get help, sometimes not.

This year the cashier was so moved by what we were trying to do she asked the kids if they found everything they wanted, actually took them onto the shop floor to select something else in response, then came back, scanned it all, wrapped it up beautifully, helped my daughter use my contactless card and then handed it to my kids in a free bag all whilst telling them what a wonderful job they’d done.

And thanks to her kindness I really truly have no idea what’s coming. Inclusiveness and care at its very best and my kids now have the same joy as many others!

There is joy everywhere when we stop to see 😁”

Thank you to Rachael (she/her) for sharing this beautiful story of kindness.